Life beneficial bacteria that promote a healthy gut.

  • Rich in Probiotics
  • Rich in Antioxidants



  • Enhance Collagen.

  • Improve blood circulation flow.

  • Balance beneficial bacteria.

  • Enhance gastro functions.

  • Maintain the metabolism rate.

  • Helps in Weight Control.


Legenze Daily is an excellent daily probiotic beverage for all Young Ages, precisely formulated for Beauty and Youthful Wellness.

Legenze Daily contains Natural Beauty essences like vegetable enzymes, fruit enzymes, trace minerals, and vitamins for beautiful skin. Live microorganisms, enzymes, and proteins to enhance gastrointestinal functions. Improving healthy digestive tract system and a robust immune system with immediate consumption.

Legenze Daily (Twin) | #LegenzeD

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  • Consume & Care

    • Liquid Form 500ml per bottle.
    • Lime flavor (Sourish Taste)
    • Recommended mixing with honey for more better taste and health benefits.
    • One Month expiry from an Open bottle.
    • Life ProBiotics inside
    • Suitable & Safe for age 1 yr old and above.
    • Best served in cold temperature.
    • Keep Away from sunlight


    20ml - 30ml per day. After Meal

    For chronic illness, Please consult your family doctors before consuming.

  • Product Origin

    • Formulated & Developed in Japan
    • Imported by Singapore 
  • AVA Clearance

    HS Code: XXXX9070


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