Each bottle is filled with 500ml of Legenze Reverse microbiome and other ingredients.  Full natural flavoring.

Advance Probiotics | Antioxidants Peptides >> A new horizon in preventing chronic diseases!!


Legenze helps extensively to increase the body's cellular energy, which helps the cell function properly and stay young. It can modulate cellular immune systems, regulate neurotransmitters, and boost brain function.


Legenze have antihypertensive, anticholesterol, and antioxidant activities, 



  • It helps to maintain a healthy gut system.
  • Healthy blood cells regeneration abilities.
  • Maintain a balance of beneficial bacteria.
  • Fight against harmful bacteria.
  • Regulates blood flow more effectively.
  • Promotes rapid recovery from post-surgery and post chronic rehabilitation.
  • Sustain physical stamina performance.
  • Boost Energy increases physical stamina.



LEGENZE REVERSE activates the SOD activities in the body efficiently. That includes rich concentrations of Bio-available essences like vegetable & fruit enzymes, trace minerals, COEnzyme Q10, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Lycopene. A concentrated advanced antioxidant beverage that is engineered to defend our body's blood regulatory recycling system and Immune system effectively from unfriendly bacterias & virus!! A groundbreaking development of age-reversal solution that repairs cell codings and exterminates free radicals by nourishing the spleen and gut organ.

Legenze Reverse

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$62.00Sale Price
$62.00 per 500 Milliliters
    • 100% Organic flavor (Light Bitter & Sourish Taste)
    • One Month expiry from Open bottle.
    • Live microbiome inside.
    • Suitable for children. adults and Senior.
    • Best served in cold temperatures.
    • Keep Away from sunlight

    Consume 25ml per day. Best after breakfast.

    Taste well when mixed with organic honey for better taste and health benefits


    For chronic illness, Do consult your family doctors before consuming them.

    Post-surgery and Post chronic treatment are advised to consume

    20ml | Twice Per Day | After breakfast or lunch.


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