White Strawberry



White Strawberry Extracts

Advanced Antioxidant Peptide Serum


The treatment mask contains rich whitening extracts and Advanced Antioxidant Peptide Serum that rapidly repair & generate healthy youthful skin cells in just one sheet application.



First Love Silk fits seamlessly on the skin, allowing the WSB extracts and Advanced Antioxidant Peptide Serum to blend with the organic silk protein to achieve even distribution to each skin's pore.

The 3 age reversal remedies gradually penetrate the derma layers to achieve your desired skin treatment results in just one sheet.

White Strawberry

White Strawberry Extract


Rich in antioxidants, which helps to improve age reversal, reduce wrinkles by producing collagen, hyperhydration, and suppleness to the skin.

Infused with polyphenol and vitamin C. It enhances brightness and transparency to your dermal.

It makes the skin texture smooth, by reviving skin cells. Actively prevents the formation of unbalance melanin build and achieve a consistent white looking skin

Peptides NO3


Advanced Antioxidant Peptide Serum helps activate skin cells, promotes collagen growth, and regenerate the skin. Helps the skin heals faster. The serum penetrates deep into the skin layers to the amino acid chains and helps to repair the skin faster.

First Love Silk Mask treatment helps to tighten skin, increase facial metabolism, and effectively balance facial H2O retention. Maintaining V-Shape jawline.

Fun in the Pool

Silk Fibroin Sheet


Silk protein is a fibrous protein that naturally increases the elasticity of the skin, speeds up skin metabolism, prevents wrinkles, tightens skin, smooth and delicate.

Smooth fibers of silk, lock hydration close to the surface and produce more luminosity skin cells.

Japan dermatological research had shown that the dermal absorption ability has improved, and collagen's elasticity ability is strengthened significantly

 Can be applied up 

3 sheets a day.

Each application masking keeps

4 hours apart

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