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Do you offer World Wide Shipping?

Yes, we do. We can arrange the world wide shipping for you with reasonable rates. You can text us using the M-CHAT App at the right bottom of the screen or Whatsapp +6597606793 and ask for an estimate rates for the country you want the item to be shipped. Do allow 3 business days to reply.
World Wide Shipping charges and fees will be beared by buyer.

No one is home to receive the parcel, how can i arrange for second delivery?

MerryLife uses Qxpress as our courier services. For parcel, it will be mailed to door step. Tracking number will provided.

Do you offer next day delivery?

YES, we do offer present and next day door to door delivery at a charge of After you make the purchase, do indicate at the <note> column that you require this service. Our support team will assist you on making the payments before delivery is sent out.</note> NOTE: Weekdays delivery will be between 2pm to 5pm. Weekends & PH will be between 9am to 1pm. Cancellation: If you decide to cancel this service, do take note of the below: Cancellation made AFTER payment: The service payment will be credited into your account as store credit. Cancellation made BEFORE payment: We will proceed with normal post.

DFGano Cleansing Bar

How to use the Ganoderma Cleansing Bar ?

Suitable for age 1 yr old and above. For skin diseases, Please consult your skin doctors before applying. Keep Away from sunlight Keep it airtight if possible.
DO NOT apply bar on the skin directly!! Lather with water to create foam, and apply to cleanse.

For cosmetic removal > Apply foam directly on skin and massage till the cosmetics are diluted. Wash off with water. 2nd wash is possible if required. For Normal wash > Apply foam directly on skin and massage for 1 to 2 mins Wash off with water. Alternative Use: Sleeping Mask > Apply Foam on the skin and let it dry. Anti-itch, Anti-inflammation > Apply Foam on the affected area. For damaged skin, burnt skin, injured skin, surgical scar, contaminated skin and peeling skin. > Apply foam on the affected area without washing. Apply daily to the affected area until it is fully recover.

Will the bar make my skin dry after wash?

Ganoderna Bar is formulate to cleanse cosmetics residues, contaminants, harmeful bacteria and airborne toxins. After wash, your skin pores and surface will be 99% cleansed. It should feel like baby skin texture. However, if you are experiencing dryness on skin (with skin flicks), apply any moisturizer or apply First Love Silk Mask for rapid cells hydration.

Can it cleanse cosmetic's fine particles out from my skin?

Yes, It cleanse very thoroughly. 99% cleasned.

Why a Bar and not in another form?

Soap bar can contain and sustain all the efficacies of the ingredient used for a long period shelf life as liquid foam needs more chemical to sustain the products and may degrade the ingredient’s efficacy.

What are the ingredients of Ganoderma Cleansing Bar?

I nformation as stated below:

Why the 2 minutes wash?

Two minutes is the time that allows the formula to neutralize any cosmetic residues, bacteria, pollutants, and contaminants in the skin pores.

Can I leave it on longer than 2 minutes?

Yes & No !! depends on the purpose of usage.

  • NO, for Cosmetic Removal routine. As you need to wash off harmful residues as soon as it is neutralized.
  • Yes, Only after a thorough cleansing routine, you can apply it as a skin protection or as a sleeping mask.

Can it be used on the body too?

Yes, it can be used for oily scalp, body, hygiene, and open wound wash.

How fast can I remove the makeup using the cleansing bar?

Less than a minute to wash off cosmetics with a consistent message, a 2nd minute is to allow the formula to neutralize harmful residues. Important Note: Waterproofing cosmetics will take longer time to remove, and even need delicated solutions to remove. Do check with your cosmetic product's beauty advisor for waterproofing cosmetics cleansing solutions.

After use of checmical solutions to remove waterproofing cosmetics, you can apply Daimond Face's Cleansing solution to neutralize the chemical for prevention of skin stress.

How fast can this cleansing bar reduce my pimples/acne?

Seven Days for average acne condition. For severe acne conditions, we suggest 3 wash per day, for 14 days. You will see a reduction in new acne forming.
Feel free to contact us if you have special cases of skin issues. We will assist you in the information needed for your considerations.

What are the other functions that this cleansing bar has?

Information as below link:

Will this cleansing bar dry my skin?

This cleansing bar’s ingredient includes jojoba oil and olive oil. Thus it is meant to keep your skin balance in oil production. However, if your skin belongs to the dry skin type, we suggest you apply our First love mask after cleansing. To keep your skin moisturized throughout the day or night.

I have oily T-Zone, how can this cleansing bar control and reduce the oil secretion on my face?

This cleansing bar’s ingredient includes jojoba oil and olive oil. Thus it is meant to keep your skin balance in oil production. However, if your skin belongs to the dry skin type, we suggest you apply our First love mask after cleansing. To keep your skin moisturized throughout the day or night.

Can this cleansing bar be used daily?

This cleansing bar is formulated for frequent wash at daily basis. Oily Acne skin : recommended 3 wash a day Other types of skins: Recommeded to follow your daily cleanse routine.

Can this product be used as a hygeine wash?

Yes, It can be used as a hygeine wash to disinfect the infected area.


What is the suitable age for consuming & For What Purpose?

Legenze Reverse is formulated for improving Gut health and body fuctioning system. Ages from : 1 yo to 12 yo : Recommended dosage 5ml to 10ml Purpose:

  • Improves Gut, neuro, and vital organs developement and strenghten immune's defensive ability systems against unknown bacterias / virus.
13 yo to 20yo: Recommende dosage 15ml to 20ml. Purpose:
  • Improves Gut, neuro, and vital organs developement and strenghten immune's defensive ability systems against unknown bacterias / virus.
  • Provide consistent O2 + blood flow to vital organs and neuro for intensive physical activities.

21 yo to 45 yo: Recommended dosage for 100 days on per day 25ml to Max of 30ml. Purpose:
  • Improves Gut, neuro, and vital organs developement and strenghten immune's defensive ability systems against unknown bacterias / virus.
  • Provide consistent O2 + blood flow to vital organs and neuro for intensive physical activities.
  • Eliminate and destroy free radical activites.
  • Balance glucose level and cholestrol level.
  • Stabalized metabolism rate.
46 yo and Above: Recommended dosage for 180 days on per day 25ml to Max of 30ml. Purpose:
  • Improves Gut, neuro, and vital organs developement and strenghten immune's defensive ability systems against unknown bacterias / virus.
  • Provide consistent O2 + blood flow to vital organs and neuro for intensive physical activities.
  • Eliminate and destroy free radical activites.
  • Balance glucose level and cholestrol level.
  • Stabalized metabolism rate.
  • Unclog blood clogs.
  • Rebuild Gut system and Immune system.
Physical Exercise is Required to activate the body's repairing mechanism and sensor for faster results. We strongly suggest,
  • Cycling (Station / Outdoor) > min One hour
  • Walking up stairs steps
Best Time to Consume? BEST Absorption: After Breakfast / First Meal. In Doubt? For person with medical condition, always consult your family doctor to verify the ingredients for you before consuming. Further unique /special cases? You can email us at to get a customized dosage on your condition. As we have our inhouse team of professor to advice in such issues.

Will Legenze conflict with other Prescripted Medications?

Probiotics are generally safe and not known to conflict with any medications -- Probiotics is regulated as a food rather than a medication.
Instead, it helps your body absorbed better.

How Legenze Reverse helped in low blood pressure?

Legenze Reverse will maintain consistent blood flow within your body system, allowing your vital organs to recieve consistent oxygen and good blood cells to function. If you are a new user of Legenze, always starts from 10ml and then slowly move up 5ml each day where you feel your body is adaptable to it. To maximum of 25ml per consumption per day.

Can Legenze Helped in Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood glucose, also called blood sugar, is too high. Blood glucose is your main source of energy and comes from the food you eat. Insulin, a hormone made by the pancreas, helps glucose from food get into your cells to be used for energy.

Legenze reverse helped to breakdown and balance the blood sugar.
Legenze Nano FOS helped exisitng diabetes patients to control sugar intake.

Can Legenze help in high cholestrol issue?

Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in your blood. Your body needs cholesterol to build healthy cells, but high levels of cholesterol can increase your risk of heart disease. With high cholesterol, you can develop fatty deposits in your blood vessels.

Legenze helps to breakdown excessive fatty deposits in your blood vessels in a gradually period.

What is Functional Food?

Functional foods and dietary supplements are two of the major classes of nutraceuticals or food-related products that have purported health or medical benefits, such as improving cardiovascular health and prevention or treatment of disease. Functional foods can include foods that have been either enriched or fortified to restore preprocessed nutrient levels (enriched flour), to improve nutritional quality of an otherwise nutrient-deficient food (calcium in orange juice), or to resolve public health issues (vitamin D in milk, iodized table salt). Some consider a functional food to be any food that provides health benefits beyond basic nutrition, such as the soluble fiber found in oatmeal and the monounsaturated fat found in avocados. Studies are ongoing to identify functional characteristics of traditional foods and to develop new products that exploit beneficial components. A recent survey indicates that two thirds of US grocery shoppers have purchased a food or beverage specifically to address one of a number of common health concerns (e.g., cholesterol, digestive health)

What is Advance AntiOxidant Peptide?

To put it simply, they are small proteins. Peptides, are made from amino acids. So, intake and production is necessary for production of all the peptides needed for the body to work efficiently. Advance AntiOxidant Peptides are naturally occurring biological molecules. Peptides play a vital role in health biological activity. Like Amino Acids, peptides are formed (synthesized) naturally from a transcription of a sequence of the genetic code, DNA.
Scientific Summary: At normal physiological concentrations, reactive peptides play essential roles in biological systems including modulating cell cycle progression and intracellular signal transduction pathways in addition to functioning as signaling molecules for gene expression systems. When produced in the normal course of everyday physiological processes, ROS such as hydroxyl radicals, singlet oxygen, superoxide anions, and hydrogen peroxide can be efficiently neutralized and eliminated by living (aerobic) organisms. This is because these organisms have been adequately equipped by evolution with highly advanced endogenous antioxidant defense systems.

What happens if I accidentaly consumed more than 30ml a day?

No critical medical effects will happen to you. However, you may feel :

  • Very energetic than normal.
  • Increase in Gastro gas and stool release.
  • Perspire more frequently.
  • Neuro activites may be alert.
  • Increase in blood flow.
  • More Sleepy in odd hours of the day.
Drink more water to assist the body system. If you are feeling sleepy, do rest. As your body probably need to do some repair.

Will Legenze Reverse be back in stock?

Yes, Legenze Reverse will be back in stock next year between Febuary or March 2021.

Why is the opened bottle last 30 days only?

Inside Legenze Reverse, there are live microbes / bacteria. Once the bottle is open, environmental air will travel in to the bottle and the super antioxidant will neutralize the free-radicals. The effect of the remedy will degrade gradualy.


How do I request for Promo Code?

You can request a Promo code from our M-Chat bot located at the right bottom of the screen. In Orange color. Please sign in with us, so we can send you the via promo code to your contact inbox provided.

How to purchase Bulk quantities for special events.

Do email us your request at

Can Merrylifego cancel my order?

MerryLifego reserves the rights to cancel any orders that are due to the following: 1. Website System error that results in under charging of the products order.
2. Inventory system error / out of stock due to high traffic of order intake. 3. Products that are not up to our quality check and usage.
4. Unreasonable demand from buyer who is abusing and exploiting the unperfect system for personal gains. Before any cancellation, the support team will contact the buyer to inform the reason and suggest new offer or solutions. If there is no reply from buyer or any decision made by the buyer. The company will proceed with Full Amount Refund to the Buyer by default.
This default action is the most practical method to secure our buyer's interest first before us.

What is the return policy?

You can click on the link :


Can I apply Shield Pro on wet hair?

To maximize the benefits of Shield Pro, Make sure you towel dry your hair before you apply.

Can I apply Shield Pro when hair is dry?

Yes, you can. Always apply Shield Pro from Hair end first, Then middle and up to 1 inch before the root.

Is Shield Pro suitable for Hair loss condition?

Yes, Shield Pro is suitable for Hair Loss condition. Only apply at the end and middle of the hair strands. DO NOT apply near the hair root or scalp.

Is Shield Pro safe for Toddler's Hair?

Yes, it is safe on children's hair. Only apply at the end and middle of the hair stands.
DO NOT apply near the hair root and scalp.

Is Shield Pro save for my furry pets?

There was no animal testing on this product.

How many times can I apply Shield Pro a day?

Shield Pro can stay on for about 8 hours depends on the environment you are in.
You can apply Shield Pro whenever it is required, example, in a food centre, BBQ steamboat, tabacco smoke, chemical plant environment. Or environment that contains odour/smell which might be unpleasant for your hair.

Can I transfer the Shield Pro to another container ?

Yes you can. But you have to make sure that the container is dry, clean and bacteria free before you transfer. However, after the transfer, you might experience the loss of scent gradually within 2 months. We will highly recommend you to use the transferred serum frequently first.

Is Shield Pro suitable for guys?

Yes of cos! Shield Pro is a both gender product.

Where is Shield Pro Origin from?

Shield Pro formulation origins from Japan. Ingredients are shipped to MerryLife Interantional,Malaysia for manufacturing and packing.

I am a Hair salon owner, We are intersted to Retail Shield Pro.

For Hair Salon owners,
You can email to request for more information.
All digital conversation will be strictly kept private and confidential.

Why was my hair sticked together in the morning after applying Shield Pro the night before?

The reason why your hair strands are stuck together, it is due to uneven distribution of the serum during the application. Wet hair after shower:

  1. Always towel dry your hair, before applying Shield Pro.
  2. Spread your hair evenly on left and right. or Tilt your head at either side where you can see and grab hold of the majority hair strands.
  3. Release the serum on your palm and spread it evenly on your palm.
  4. Model your fingers like a comb, and start the finger combing from the mid length of the hair to the end of the hair strands
  5. Every 3 comb. gently rub the hair between your palms.
  6. Repeat this steps.
  7. You can finish the procedure by using a hair brush to further even out the applications.

Can I apply Shield Pro for Smooth & Anti Frizzy treatment?

Yes, you can. Shield Pro is designed for Home DIY treatment for smooth and silky hair.
Step one:
Shampoo your hair. (DO NOT APPLY CONDITIONER)

Step Two:
Coat your hair with SHIELD PRO SERUM. Be generous on the coat, you might need to use up to 3/4 or whole tube of the tube to coat a shoulder or long hair. But it is worth it. Cos it is only SGD28.00 for the whole treament.

Step Three:
Wrap the shield pro coated hair with dry towel or non toxic kitchen plastic wrap.
Wait for 45mins to an hour. Step Four: Wash off with clean water ONLY. (Without Shampoo or Conditioner) Gently wash off the excessive serum.

Final step:
use Light heat to blow dry.

What is the recommended bottle to contain the Shield Pro Serum?

We strongly suggest PET Pumped Bottle 50ml or 100ml for easy and convenient carry.

Example: PET Clear Bottle By Muji
PET PUMP BOTTLE 50ml (SMALL ITEM) Bottle ideal for separating lotion, etc. *Press several times until contents come out. Heat proof: 60 degrees Celsius , cold resistant: -20 degrees Celsius PRODUCT CODE4548718994250

Will Mutekiz formulate Shampoo and Conditioners?

Yes, We will be formulating Hair cleansing products for the below hair type. Damaged and Dry Coloured Hair Oily and Sebum control This formulations are in process, depending on the COVID restrictions in Japan and Malaysia.

Prize Redemption

Redeem prizes from campaigns or events.

Winners are to Fill in registration form to redeem prize.

Step 1: Sign Up / Log in to the account
Step 2: Go to Site menu and hover over << Shop>> click on the <<promo>>, scroll to the bottom of the screen and look for Prize redemption.
</promo> Step 3: Complete the form and submit. Step 4: Our service team will contact you via M-chat, WA or email.

Mutekiz Reseller

How can I enquire about MUTEKIZ reseller to your products?

Sign Up to our website. Click on the Reseller Program (Located at the footer of the page) or click or Whatsapp us at +65-97606793

Is there a minimum order quantity required?

Yes, there is. However, it depends on your sales channel and average order per month. We customized to our resellers needs, so to achieve a long term and sustainable partnership.

Does your MUTEKIZ reseller business model operates with 3 tiers or multi tiers?

No, We do not operate in such business model. MUTEKIZ allocates an X number of Resellers and Retail distributors for per product per country.

Why does MUTEKIZ limit the number of resellers in the country?

This is due to our promise to our resellers and public users. We understand that there are companies welcoming thousands of reseller to thier products and giving great incentives. However, public survey records had shown that, such resellers are not equiped with the neccesary business knowledge, customer service (pre & post), the right mindset, attitude and responsibility to sustain the product branding and customer's interest. As merrylife, we have commitments to the public users and customer on the above mentioned professionalism requirements. Thus, we select carefully and put qualified resellers on 3 months trial / probation period before confirming or officlally authorize them as a long term reseller.

Does MerryLife help Homebased Business to create products?

Yes, we do.
MerryLife is a manufacturer by default. Who specialize in personal branding, OEM or ODM for any size of businesses. From formulation, production, manufacturing and ingredient sourcing.

Our products listed online are some of the popular products that are sorted by international brand and retailers.
For more information, you can email us

LG Business Affiliate

Is LGBA program an Multi Level system?

No, LGBA is an affiliate marketing program designed for Home base business and e-commerce.
The incentives or cash backs are based on products sold and actual transactions of the products online.
Only exisiting Legenze consuming customers are qualified to join this system.

Do I need to purchase large amount of products to join the LGBA program?

There is no requirement for existing members or customers to purchase large amount of quantity to join the LGBA program. Any existing Legenze users can be part of the LGAB program as long as they are willing to leverage on Legenze brand of products to create supplementary income or add on SKUs to thier existing e-commerce listing.

What is the benefit to join the LGAB program?

You can purchase your preferred products at a discounted rate up to 20% off from Retail pricing.
You can share your personal promo code to the public users or friends who has the need to consume the products at a lower cost.
By sincere referral, the company will reward you with cash back as a token of appreciation. This reward will be creditied to your member account.

Where can I find my Promo code?

To find the promo code, you have to log in to our website.

The promo code will be emailed to you or you can retrieve from your m-chat inbox.

I bought Legenze products from LAZADA or SHOPEE, can I join the Program?

Yes, You can. You just need to do the following steps:

  1. Sign up to our website. (using Facebook or Google or email)
  2. With the account logged in, M-chat us your Lazada or Shopee invoice as attachement.
  3. Our support team will do the rest for you.